Image by Andrijana Bozic

Free DIY Home Organizing Plans

I know so many of you are feeling overwhelmed right now. Not only from your natural nesting instincts kicking in but also because of all that's going on in the world right now. Even though, currently, I'm not able to serve you in your homes, I'd still like to be there for you.  

Your package includes:

One 30 minutes virtual consultation (60 minutes for larger projects).

A detailed step-by-step action plan that walks you through your project from start to finish, delivered within one week of consultation.

Product recommendations exclusively tailored to your space, based  on your style and vision (if needed).

Two accountability calls per room at intervals of your choosing .

One 30 minutes follow-up session where we will walk through again, discuss any challenges you may have had.

Peace, tranquility, reduced stress, less clutter, efficiency.....empowerment!