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From Autism Mom to ADHD Home Organizer

I've learned so much from my ADHD clients and their families over the years.

I've learned about the importance of a support system, at any level, to anyone with ADHD or any other brain-based challenge. While working with them and their families I got to witness and heard the stories of just how they cherished that "inner circle" and how they were able to use it to thrive in various aspects of their lives. 

And every single time I've seen how they've ultimately transformed their lives with the 
ADHD-sensitive space optimization we came up with, long after our sessions ended. 

Together we've set realistic and attainable goals that allowed them to let go of the overwhelming pressure for perfection. Instead, they embraced their challenges and we introduced 
ADHD-friendly routines and systems to help them focus, complete tasks and regain peace and harmony in their home on a daily basis.

Mommy and Me Tobago.jpg

The lessons I learned while creating calming home environments for ADHD households have served me tremendously as the proud mama to a brilliant, funny and charismatic kiddo diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). I was already an organizer for several years when we found out he was on the spectrum.

So naturally, I researched, tried and tested different organizing systems to find what would work best in our home for his development, as we navigated the new-to-us challenges we were facing.

What I found was that the efficient organization strategies for ADHD families we came up with for my clients and their kids, worked amazingly for my little ASD guy. And just as I do with my clients, I do not focus on maintaining a perfect, Pintrest-worthy home for him and our family. Instead, we aim for "organized enough" so that hubby and I can focus on little one's development and our family's happiness and well-being.

Researching and applying ADHD-friendly organization techniques at home prompted a shift in my business. I now make my impact by helping to create ADHD-friendly, yet functional and structured living spaces for ADHD individuals. I have also enrolled at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) to further my understanding of disorganization caused by brain-based challenges among other things. That way I can bring a deeper level of support and guidance not only to my own ASD family but to you and your ADHD family as well.

"I love it when you come to organize, it's so much easier to clean afterwards"

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