My Story

The Accidental Home Organizer

Life took me on a bee-line path that ultimately led to organizing. After a career in finances and a degree in Culinary Arts I worked as a nanny (long story) in the Briar Oaks, Piney Point and Bunker Hill neighborhoods of Houston for several years. That was one of the most rewarding times than any other for me, I was able to see first-hand the difference I was making in the daily lives of the families I supported. 


Jinnette Smith Jackson
Your Home Organizer

Before I became one myself, I had a unique perspective of just how hectic the lives of moms can be on a daily basis. However, I was not only able to support them when they needed it most, i got to learn along-side them all at the same time.

 You see, while the kids were at school, taking naps or in activities that didn't involve me, I'd be "straightening up". From the playroom to the pantry, the laundry room to the home office- pretty much anywhere that needed to flow better I'd be there. To be honest I didn't know I was actually "organizing". After all I was just getting rid of expired food from the pantries, or simply decluttering the home office. Bonus was the whole home organizing I'd do  while the family was on vacation for a week or two. At least twice a year I'd enlist the help of the housekeepers and we'd work our magic. Imagine the family's faces when they returned home. Think HGTV Dream Home reveals!

When the family moved and months later boxes were still piled up in the guest room and closets throughout the house, one room, one box at a time I unpacked, purged and organized. Previously unusable rooms were now decluttered and functional and I was able to finally bring order to their new home. Not bad for an accidental home organizer, huh?! Yep…. I was a pantry organizer, office organizer, closet organizer and even offered move-in/ unpacking organizing services …all before I was an actual professional home organizer.

Of course, none of this was ever part of my responsibilities. After all there was always a housekeeper. But organizing and cleaning are two different roles, even though they certainly work hand in hand. Yet, despite all this not being my responsibility it's what came naturally to me: to help bring order to the everyday lives of my families. I will say though that what I knew for sure, was that once the homes were organized, parents were always grateful. They were also less stressed, which in turn made my days so much better and playtime and daily routines more fun. In addition, it made the housekeepers' jobs a lot easier. Ask the housekeepers' and parents of the home with 8 kids- 7 under the age of 12- whose entire attic was a playroom. #everyonewins

"I love it when you come to organize, it's so much easier to clean afterwards"

Later on, I'd unofficially, become the house manager for one of my families. But I eventually left that position to take the leap to doing what I was meant to all along- organizing, What's interesting is that despite being a support for other moms for so long it was only as I was about to become one myself that I fully understood just how valuable the right support system can be to a mom. ​

As I was riding my own overwhelming pregnancy roller coaster I was constantly worried about being prepared for Baby J. That uncontrollable nesting urge came on so strong. Yet, I was still hesitant to admit that I could not do it all by myself... even though, as all women do, I certainly tried. After all The University of YouTube told me I could!


I'd already been a professional home organizer for a few years at that point so you'd think nesting would come easily for me. Not so!!! Trying to get ready for baby and organize while fighting morning sickness that lasted all day long, "pregnancy brain", fatigue, swollen feet and a belly that constantly got in the way, was sometimes difficult and at times unsafe. When I finally asked for help and my Mom Tribe came to my rescue, my nesting journey finally became what it should have been all along.... stress-free and enjoyable.

Fast forward to now being a proud boy mom and the times when it's not always possible to be fully organized. To be completely honest, most days my home is by no means a Pinterest-perfect picture. Between running my business, organizing other families homes, taking care of my own and keeping an active little boy engaged, some days can get pretty hectic and some things just have to be left imperfect. After all, above everything else, I'm a real mom and wife and my home is as lived in as any other. However, I've been able to pull from my organizing experience and my days as a nanny/house manager to implement systems and practices into my own home to help me navigate through it all- without overwhelm.

Mommy and Me Tobago.jpg

From preparing for baby all the way to preparing for college I'm here.. I bring that well rounded support and organizing know-how and experience to moms so that they to are able to enjoy their homes and families without overwhelm. 

I truly believe that being organized isn't about Pinterest-perfection. Rather it's about simplifying everyday life. Because when your physical space is organized it gives your mental space a boost. Isn't that what all moms need?!