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Home Organizing Services for Autism and Other Special Needs Families

Don't chase perfection when taking on your special needs home's organizing projects. Instead, aim for a decluttered, "organized enough" space that's distraction free and lowers stress. Regain control over your living spaces, boost productivity and create a more peaceful and harmonious home.

Organizing Sessions

 Each package includes, hours organizers spend at your home


Additional time spent off-site researching and designing sensory-friendly organizing solutions for your projects. 

Time spent shopping for needed supplies online and in-store.

Any time spent returning products.

Making arrangements with other service providers and contractors for the project.

Light surface cleaning of project area.

Donation or consignment drop-off (one car load per session)

***Customized packages available for moving and larger projects.***

"Thank you Jinnette for coming to the rescue. I am a stay-at-home mom of two little boys ages 1 and 3... My pantry and kitchen were in a state of chaos. Jinnette came in and not only satisfied my need for functionality but [I] also ended up with two spaces that look gorgeous....she also organized my pantry in a way that makes sense! And because it makes sense it has stayed organized and it's been almost a year! Along with organizing the pantry, she helped me rearrange the kitchen to be more functional and also worked in another area that allows my 3-year-old to practice his independence... I love organization and order but being a stay-at-home mom I just couldn't find the time... Jinnette came in and took my input asked some questions and just like that she came up with two spaces in my house that are super functional. I would highly recommend The Organized [and] Refined Company!"

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